Sunday, July 17, 2011

Double Digit Run!

Yesterday I ran my first double digit run in my fall marathon training plan.  I haven't run that far at all since my April 30th half marathon and not that far on my own since my training for my Mar 20th half.  Yeah, I slacked off for my April half and only peaked at 8 miles - no wonder that race didn't go as well.

I tried something new for my pre-run fuel - a sweet potato.  Not only have I never eaten a sweet potato before, I've never strayed from a smoothie for breakfast before a run.  I was nervous and excited to try something new.  I went with the sweet potato first as my running group friend said that's what she ate before our 8 miler last weekend and it was perfect for her.  So why not try it?

Just 7 minutes in the microwave and it was ready.  Too hot to touch, but cooked and mushy.  I got up about 10 mins late, so I had to eat it in the car on the way to the group meeting place.  Not an ideal situation, but it worked ok.  I mashed it up into a bowl with a little butter and was on my way.

I liked the taste and consistency and when I arrived at the meeting spot 20 mins later, I felt ready to go.  My regular running partner from the class wasn't there this week, so I had a little anxiety going into my first 10 miler not knowing if anyone else was slow enough for me to run with. 
Here's the 11-14 min/mile group before heading out last week
We got started and I found my stride.  The big group stuck together for the first mile before we broke into smaller groups.  Luckily for me, two other ladies were just at my pace and we ran with each other for a while.  They were both really nice and have been running with the group for 2+ years, so they were able to share some knowledge with me.   

About 3 miles in, we picked up another friend into our group since her group was turning back for a 6 mile run.  Gina is 21 and training for her first marathon - the Detroit full, just like me.  It was nice to have another newbie around.

All 3 ladies in my little group were running 8 miles and I was the only one planning on 10, so once we got to the 4 mile marker, they were ready to turn around.  I was torn at that point since if I went on to the 5 mile marker and turned back for my 10 miler, I would run the last 6 solo.  So, I ended up turning around with them at the 4 miler marker.  This way, I had 3 friends to keep me going for the first 8 miles.

About 1/2 mile before the end of the 8, which ended back at our cars, I left the group and turned off course for my additional mileage.  It was the best decision I had made!  I know it's hard to tack on miles at the 'end', so I was sure not to stop when they did or get too close to my car :)  I ended up making up a new route around campus that I hadn't been to in a while.  It was really entertaining!

Of course, every turn I made came with another hill, but whatever, whats another hill or two after 8 miles?  Exhaustion, that's what!  I finished out my 10 miles and sprinted (the .1 mile) back to the store!  Even though the last two weren't fast, I've never been so proud to have stuck to my plan and finished them solo! 

I had some water, cooled down, chatted with the others just finished and headed home!  Overall, another GREAT run!  I LOVE RUNNING!!

Here's some sweaty pics from when I got home:
I wish you could tell how soaking wet my shirt was - that's a sign of a successful run to me!
The back of my shirt was soaked all the way through - that's never happened to me! Plus some super sweaty hair!
Here are my splits, cause I actually remembered to charge my garmin this time! 
Split Time Avg Pace Avg HR Calories
1 0:11:42 11:43 140 137
2 0:11:20 11:20 155 144
3 0:12:58 12:58 159 139
4 0:13:49 13:49 160 132
5 0:13:44 13:44 157 132
6 0:12:48 12:48 159 145
7 0:11:11 11:12 165 145
8 0:11:41 11:42 168 138
9 0:13:24 13:24 161 121
10 0:12:44 12:44 165 125
11 0:00:31 11:56 169 6
 Summary 2:05:57 12:32 159 1,364

After my photo-shoot and a huge glass of chocolate milk, I treated myself to these:
Nothing like good reading in an ice bath!  I can't think of a better way to start my Saturday!


  1. Great job finishing the last two miles and getting in your double digit run!

  2. wooohoooo!!! I'm so glad you tacked on those last 2 miles!

    I've actually never taken an ice bath... how do you do it? should totally look into compression sleeves or socks! they will be super helpful to!

  3. Nice job Rose. You're going to do awesome at the full this year - I know it!

  4. awesome 11 miler and so great you had the group and a few ladies to run with. I love sweet potatoes...they're excellent with a little cinnamon on them.

  5. Great job! Love sweet potatoes - would have never thought of them as pre-run food!

  6. Way to go!!! Those first double digit ones can be intimidating but you killed it!