Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweatiest Day of My Life

Oh yeah, sweaty like crazy.  First, I sweated through my clothes working out in the yard pulling weeds and trimming bushes.  I hate doing this, but it really needed to get done.  I filled three yard bags in 2 hours!  Worked my butt off!   I came in and looked sweatier than after yesterday's 10 miler!  gross.

I was about to shower and wake my husband up to start our day, but I decided to finish the laundry first.  Before I knew it, he was getting up!  (He works nights, so I essentially keep myself busy waiting for him to wake up and play.)  

He suggested heading to the metropark to play par 3.  I've never golfed before other than putt-putt, but he's been begging for over a year, so I finally gave in.  Since it was 90+ degrees out and my clothes had dried from my morning sweatfest, I figured I wouldn't shower since I'm just going to get sweaty again :)  So, off we were.

After 2 hours of par 3 and a quick game of tennis, we were so sweaty and hot that we headed home.  We had planned to rollerblade a few miles, but it was too hot and we were exhausted.  

Once home, my plan was to shower and relax until meeting my local running buddy for a quick 3 miles.  I think you know where this might be going....

I started making some delicious chocolate chip cookies and hanging pictures and before I knew it, it was almost time to meet Rebecca.  Here I was dry again and time to head out the door.  Oh well, what's the point in showering before going out for a run?

I ran the half mile to our meeting point and we got a couple miles in.  It was a fun, quick, extra weekly run for us.  Before we knew it, it was time to split and head home.  

So for the third time today, I'm a sweaty mess - in the same clothes - and I promise I'm heading to the shower - as soon as Jerseylicious is over!

If you don't want to be my friend anymore, I totally understand.  It's just too funny/gross/weird and not really me not to share. 

Let's hope the calorie burn was huge for today!


  1. dude i totally can't believe you didn't cancel on me.. your seriously the Energizer Bunny!

    I totally believe you burnt a crap ton of calories today!

  2. Go eat some ice cream! That's what I would do if it was hot and I burned as many calories as you! Way to go!