Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have a problem

I'm addicted to Pringles!!

Exhibit A

I have no self control when it comes to Pringles!  I've tried and tried (well, not really) and they just find their way into my hands and then my mouth and then I only want more! 
The problem is that I'm surrounded by snacks.  This isn't new, it's been the case for 5 years now at work.  At first, I ate a little bit of everything but after the first year or so, I'm over it and can't stand the thought of a bite of any of it.  

This summer, we have Pringles for the first time (since Goldfish were out of stock) and it's the hardest part of my day not to eat them continuously. 

I can usually draw willpower from my assistant, but she wasn't around last week in the afternoon and I went crazy.  Crazy like 2 Pringles containers in one day!  At least it's not a huge tube of them, cause I would definitely take them down in a day!

This week, I'm working on more water and less Pringles.  I can do it!!


  1. OH my God, those things aren't real! I love chips and could never eat those....... Good luck with that water thing..... HA

  2. Yeah. I love me some Salt and Vinegar Pringles. I eat 'em in one bite and then by the time I realize I shouldn't be eating them the corners of my mouth are sore from the salt and vinegar. :O)

  3. you are hilarious. love it. animal crackers were my weakness, could have been worse i guess. i think pringles is a fine choice:)

  4. I didn't realize Pringles came in Salt & Vinegar!! That's my absolute favorite flavor of chips! Maybe my reward for my first marathon will be trying them!

    So far, I haven't had any Pringles this week! Thats 3 days down and only 2 more to go!!

  5. I would go nuts if I had all that food at work! Pringles are pretty freaking good!