Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Catch Up

Tuesday night's work out was brutal.  Hot, Hot, Hot!!  It was easily 95+ and humid as can be.  If I didn't join this group, there is NO WAY I would have been out there.  Overall, the run wasn't horrible.  We were all hydrated and stuck together.  We did 4 miles with one of the miles being a steady hill.  That was mile 2 and it was killer.  I'm just glad we got out there.  

I've been wearing my compression socks on my runs this week - they are fun lime green!  My legs have been a little sore, just kinda, so I figure I'd try that.  They feel a bit better - maybe it's all in my head, but I'm okay with that.  

We had friends over for a fun dinner/game night last night and it was a blast!  We haven't done that in a long time and it was so much fun!  After my husband made us some delicious fajitas, we played a new game, Anomia and an old fun one, Partini.  I highly recommend them!  They were so much fun!!
 Anomia is a fun card game that's quick and easy.  Not many rules to go over and everyone can play!
Partini is an old favorite that is similar to Cranium in that there are a variety of types of games to be played - sculpting with clay, acting out a scene, bouncing balls into cups, etc.  It's laid back and simple and no real direction reading necessary (can you see how important that is to me?!).  

With all that fun, I didn't get my 4 miler in yesterday :(  So, even though we were up way past my bed time, I headed out at 7am for my run.  It actually felt great!  It was way nicer than I had anticipated, only 70 degrees, which is awesome considering we've had 4 consecutive 100+ days in Michigan.  

As an update, I was SOOOO much better this week and didn't have ANY Pringles!  I did slip up today and have a bag of SunChips, but I'm okay with that.  Garden Salsa is so hard to resist!

I'm off to bed super early tonight since I'm incredibly exhausted from our busiest week at work and we moved our group run from 630am tomorrow up to 530am due to the extreme heat.  8 miles on the schedule and can't wait to put them behind me!  Nighty night!


  1. Gawd I love Pringles! I practically ate a whole tube of BBQ last night! Have a great run tomorrow! It's smart that you moved it up. I've been running at 5:30am as well this past week and the weather has STILL been ridiculous!

  2. You are crazier than me Rose. I would not run in that heat! Also, 5:30am on the week! Holy crap! That's early. 7am is the earliest I run on the week. You're getting to be hard core!

  3. Sun Chips are some of my favorite! Great job on your run, too. Those games sound fun! Definitely up my alley!