Sunday, October 9, 2011

10K PR this morning!

I loved this morning's Big House Big Heart 10K in Ann Arbor!  It was a lot of fun running with my 501 friends and meeting a blogger in real life :)

I got a 10K PR and our 501 coach finished her first 5K since a stress fracture, plantar fasciitis and then getting hit by a car while biking over the past year!  Talk about commitment and inspiration :)

I'll get a full recap up soon, but I was stung by something today while out working in the yard after the race and my left hand is swollen up like crazy and incredibly painful to type :(

I have to get healthy for the Detroit Lions' first Monday night football game in my lifetime against the Bears tomorrow night.  Oh, and my first marathon in 7 days :)  Are you sick of hearing about that yet??!!!


  1. i'm so upset, i didn't know you were doing this too. I would have loved to meet up! :(

  2. Congrats on the PR!! Awesome!!! And no, i ain't sick of hearing about Marathon No. 1!!! Enjoy it all, soak it all up! you only get one "first marathon' so make it count!

    And yeah, I'm ready for Monday Night Football. Pumped too... except for a different reason. I've been a Bears fan since the 1980s... hehe. I've suffered - not nearly as much as you - but still, suffered. It will be tough but I'm probably one of the few who thinks the Bears have a chance on Monday.

  3. Awesome job on your PR!! And it was great to meet you! :)

  4. That was nice, great job for you and Congratulations ! Looking forward for more races to come.