Friday, October 7, 2011

There's a Snake in My Boot!

Yes, I do love Toy Story, but what I really meant was there's a snake in my rubbermaid container:
You can see my foot underneath the container to show you how big this thing was!  (ok, big to me)  

It would have been nice it we just saw it out in the nature center, but no, I saw it after I heard the screams of about a dozen kids in the gym this afternoon.  Just slithering around under the drinking fountain, surrounded by screaming kids.  

Had this happened at my house, I would have jumped up on the counter, screamed bloody murder and waited for my husband to take care of it.  

But, NO, this happened at school during my after school program.  So, I  very calmly scooped up our new slithery friend into said rubbermaid container and tightly sealed the lid :)  

After calming the kids down, we decided it would be cool to keep him (or her) by the front door in the container for the rest of the day for everyone else to see.  They loved it!!

And once all the kids went home, I released him in the nature center, called my husband and told him how brave (read: freaked out) I was today!!  

hahaha, what a weird day!! I know it isn't even that big of a snake, but still. 

Anyway, back to real life - marathon training has been making my head crazy lately as I'm ready to just do it already!  Short 4 miler with the group tomorrow morning, Big House Big Heart 10K Sunday morning and then I'm only 7 days away from my first marathon ever!!  Can't wait!


  1. You were a lot braver than me - snakes completely freak me out!

    Enjoy your 10k - can't believe you're a week away from your marathon!!

  2. You rock!! I once had to capture a snake that was in my house....worse thing I ever had to do, but no one else was home and no way I would have ever slept again if I hadn't caught it and didn't know where it went. I hate snakes!!

    Wahoo for only 7 more days!

  3. that is so brave!!! i couldn't have done it and plenty enough freaked out when i've seen them around my house!

  4. Haha, great job on keeping your cool, I'm impressed!!

  5. I would love to meet you at the race tomorrow! I'm going to be with a bunch of people wearing green bandanas (at least I think that's the plan)! Not everyone is running, but I am. If you see us, come on over and say hi. I'm a nervous wreck about the race--I'm really hoping to PR, but it's not likely.

  6. It's HILLY?! (Queue my death)

    Well, you took the pressure off at least! Maybe I'll just go into it for "fun" and not even attempt a PR. Or MAYBE... just maybe... I'll leave my Garmin at home. BAHAHAHA