Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things I've Learned/More thoughts from my first Marathon

  • You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.  Two years ago, I had never run for fun in my life.  The only running I did was in high school sports, typically as punishment.  Now, I committed to something, stuck with it, found people to support me and finished a marathon!
  • Putting your name on the front of your shirt is the best idea ever!  At least 40 of my new closest friends cheered for me, told me I was doing great and looking good, and called me by name - I highly recommend it.
  • If you're thinking of running - any distance - find others doing the same thing.  Joining my 501 running group was the best running decision I've ever made (aside from starting in the first place!) and I'm so glad I did it.  I had a HUGE support group with years of knowledge to learn from.
  • Obnoxious green socks are the way to go!  My spectators could find me easily and everyone loved them!  Yeah, my socks got cheered on the route!  It was awesome!
  • In running 26.2 miles last Sunday, I surprisingly had no pain during the run and NO chafing after the run!  I was worried as I had head so many horror stories about chafing problems but nope, I lubed up properly :) 

  • I never experienced a time where I thought I couldn't finish, or that I had to quit and I never hit the wall or bonk.  I'm still not entirely sure what that feeling is like, but I'm totally cool with that and hope I never find out!!
  • I did get a huge blister on my toe, but it's almost half the size already.  There is a chance that I may lose a toenail, but I'd say it's totally worth it!!
  • It was really awesome to have my family and friends at the finish line!  It was a much more pleasant experience than my last half and I think I may consider inviting family to another race in the future!
  • I'm already thinking about my next race...  I definitely want to run a half marathon soon and then maybe think about another fall full :)  I'd LOVE to run the Marine Corps Marathon next October, but I understand it's really hard to get into.  We'll see :)


  1. Running for fun, HA! I'm being chased by Father Time............

  2. I'm glad you've never hit the wall in a race ... I hope you NEVER do! Ha! Congrats again on a great race!

  3. Rose - I have used bodyglide on my feet. 2 blisters in two years and neither were from my marathons. Also, no shafing ever except nipples so I wear bandaids when running. Haha!

  4. I love the green socks! Great tip to wear socks that stand out. I love getting attention when I race too! :)