Monday, October 24, 2011

Funny Hate Post on Marathoning

In my random marathon-googling I came across a hilarious website that essentially dogs everyone out for something.  I found this post about marathoners and I laughed out loud since most of it is so true.

Check it out if you're in a good mood, don't mind f-bombs, and don't take yourself too seriously :)

The comments make me laugh even harder - although very crude, so don't ready them if you take things personally :)



  1. Such a funny post! Yes, the comments back and forth might even be the funniest part...

  2. That was HILARIOUS!!! People who "Can" do! People who "Can't" criticize! Still freaking funny though!

  3. i saw you commented on jeff's blog, I'm doing the 10k too. I'll look for you tomorrow!