Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Less than 5 days to my first marathon!!

And I'm already exhausted!  Only because I just had one of the most fun days of my life yesterday - Monday Night Football in the D!!  The Detroit Lions beat the Chicago Bears and we're now 5-0!!  This has never happened in my lifetime and is so exciting!  (and I'm barely even a football fan - my husband is the die-hard Lions fan, even through the tough years)  It was so much fun; we spent 2p-2a in the city walking around, having a blast and watching the game.  Most fun day we've had since our wedding!!
Sunday's 10K was awesome, recap is coming sometime I swear.  I'll even let you know what awesome and inspiring blogger I met there.  Here's a great pic of some 501 friends with our coach (far right) after the race.  Amanda (bib 2809, right next to me) is also running the Detroit full, so we'll be having lots of fun together on Sunday :)

My hand is still swollen like crazy and moving up to the wrist after Sunday's bee/wasp/incrediblyhugeinsectstinger incident after the 10K, so I haven't been able to wear my ring or watch since Sunday and it's a very weird, naked feeling.  Good thing I don't really need my left hand to run a marathon.  If it's still red, warm and swollen after the race, I'll get it looked it.  Priorities, people, priorities. 

Today was our last 501 group run before the big race and I'm so excited!!  I have three VERY busy days at work ahead of me but as of 3pm on Friday afternoon, I'm marathon bound...  Anyone interested in meeting up at the Detroit Expo Friday at 3pm??


  1. Ummmm yea....You don't need to remind me about that MNF game. Motor City Kitties are doing well !

  2. BTW - you will do great in your HM this weekend! :)

  3. The Lions have not done that in MY lifetime either! I'll be down at the expo Saturday morning around 10am. Sorry I will miss you! Good luck on Sunday - you're going to do great!

  4. I was at the game too!! I am still so tired. I MUST get caught up on sleep ASAP!! I need the energy for Sunday.

  5. The game sucked :( If the Bears had an offensive line that was halfway decent, maybe it would have been better for me.

    Enjoy the buildup to the big race!!! Sounds like you are quite pumped for it, as well you should be!!