Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ABCs of Me :)

Everybody's doing it, so here's the ABCs of Me: a fun glimpse into my life :)

A-Age: just turned 28
B-Bed size: Queen, but California King is what I want next. Jake and Dexter take up all the space!
C-Chore I hate: cleaning the bathroom is the worst
D-Dogs: two rescued mutts that hog the bed, Jake (5) and Dexter (4)
E-Essential start to the day: breakfast - I wake up starving! my current favorite is turkey sausage on a whole wheat english muffin with mozzarella cheese and tomato

F-Favorite colors: blue, blue and blue
G-Gold or silver: Silver
H-Height: 5'8"
I-Instrument I play: HA! I'm tone deaf and have no rhythm
J-Job title: Director, After School and Summer Programs
K-Kids: 375 at school, 3 of my sister's, none of our own yet :) I still cherish sleep
L-Live: Belleville, MI
M-Mother's name: Norma
N-Nickame: Rose is my nickname, some kids call me Rosie, I grew up with Hambone and my sister calls me Babs
O-Overnight hospital stays: never! never even been to the hospital as a patient.
P-Pet peeve: messing up there/their/they're
Q-Quote from a movie: "And here's some crayons in case you get bored." ~Mrs. Potato Head, Toy Story 2
R-Right or left handed? Right
S-Sibling: two older sisters, I'm the baby :)
T-Time you wake up: anywhere between 5a on a good day to run or 930a if I need a sleep-in day
U-Underwear: clean daily ;)
V-Vegetable you dislike: squash
W-What makes you run late? my husband. If I'm not 15 mins early, I think I'm late - I get that from my mom
X-rays I've had: dental and my foot once, but no breaks
Y-Yummy food you make: desserts - cake balls are the best!

Z-Zoo favorite animal: monkeys! my husband loves the sea otters

Now you know everything about me! We can be bffs!


  1. We love our King. I can't imagine how big a CA king is!

  2. We have a CA King and it's gigantic. Best bed ever.

    Cake balls look so good!