Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rock CF Half Marathon tomorrow

Thanks everyone for the eating pre-race advice and encouragement. I picked up some extra GU yesterday and I think I have a plan ready. Temps are in the low 30s for race time, but at least there won't be rain! It's weird that it's been so nice out the past few days but then is going cold again tomorrow, but that's fine. I'm just excited to get there!

Today is a total rest day for me. I ran a child care event at work yesterday for 12 straight hours where we ran relay races in the hallways of school - so much fun!! Yesterday was going to be a rest day, but the kids were having so much fun I had to jump in! It was like my first 'speed work' plan - sprint down this hallway, tag the next kid, rest 30secs or so until someone came to tag me and sprint some more. That's the fun of working with elementary kids :) and also the reason my quads are a bit sore this morning - not the best plan I've ever had, but one of the most fun!

Tomorrow's going to be awesome, I haven't started freaking out about the distance yet. Mentally, I honestly feel like I can run the entire 13.1 without having to stop and that's a huge hurdle for me. I'm just hoping my legs agree, although in past experience, if you have the head on-board, anything is possible!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and I'll let you know how it goes! That is, after a huge carb-filled breakfast, ice bath, hot shower and nap tomorrow :)


  1. good luck tomorrow. I know a few other people running it too. Remember to have fun. You are going to rock it!

  2. good luck!! and i cant wait to read your race recap!!

  3. Good luck and thank you for stopping by my blog! :)

  4. Oops - I wished you good luck after the fact! Sorry! Anyway I hope you had a great run and I hope it wasn't too cold out!