Friday, March 11, 2011

"I Just Felt Like Running" Virtual 5K Result

I completed my first virtual 5K last night - it was pretty exciting. I wasn't sure what to expect and it worked as a perfect reason to get to the gym and run 3.1 miles. I had 3 miles on the schedule and had been really tired from work all week, but this race was just the motivation I needed. Jeff at Detroit Runner had it all set up for us and it was kinda fun!

I ran my 5K on the treadmill at the gym since it was dark and cold out last night. I even increased the speed more then I usually do. Surprisingly it felt great. I had good music to listen to and plenty of entertaining things on the tvs in front of me. The time flew by and felt great.

My official time was 30:39 which is really good for me. I felt great afterward and was glad I went. I pushed it at the end and increased the speed faster than I had before.

Thanks Jeff for putting this on for us!!