Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week-long Update with 5.99 miles

So, I've been lazy since the half marathon on Sunday, but I'm okay with it. I'll start with my only run in the past 7 days.

I got up this morning really early and had nothing to do, so I went to the gym. It is still ridiculously cold for MI and I'm over bundling up and being freezing outside, so I drove the 2 mins to the gym. There were a lot of people there for early Sunday morning.

The four tvs had nothing interesting on, so I started the movie on the projector. It was The Fighter! We had just watched this last week and it was really good, so I was excited to see it again. Of course, with no sound or subtitles, I had to use my imagination, but it was still work it to watch Christian Bale and Marky Mark :)

I planned to run 5-6 miles as long as I was feeling okay and I've never felt better! Maybe that's just what happens when you take 6 days off from running. Anyway, I got in a solid 5.25 miles in the 60mins before the treadmill cuts you off. I HATE THAT!! Who says you have to do a 'cool down' when you hit 60mins? There's no way that's the max you can run on a machine. So every couple minutes it went down to 4.5mph and I had to crank it back up.

I ran the first 5.25 miles slowly and relaxed at 5.5mph and the last part all over the place. The machine kept taking me down to 4.5, then I would jump up to 6.5 and then at the very end I was so annoyed, I cranked it up to 7.5 just to finish the run.

After 65 mins, the treadmill just stops. Of course, I just hit 5.99 miles. Lame. So after the last sprint, I jumped off (since it just stopped anyway) and had to wait for it to reset for me to start it again for a cool down. The last mile was lame, but it doesn't take over how great the first 5 felt.

Overall, it was an excellent run cause I felt great and was super sweaty. Also, secretly, I won't get off the treadmill until everyone that was there when I arrived is finished. I don't want anyone to 'out-do' me, so I 'won' in that department too!

I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to, but I had to vent it out today.

In other news, my six days off were filled with all sorts of random things:

I drove an hour to go to my sister's Monday night. I missed her kids so much, I hadn't seen them since the end of February when they came to stay for the weekend. Turns out, the 6 yr old had surgery the week before and my sister had just been diagnosed with a sinus infection and dbl ear infections that morning. I like to think I was a nice change for the crazy household. So, I played and played, helped with homework and got to read bedtime stories :)

My husband's birthday was this week and he had three nights off this week! First day off, on bday eve, we totally junk-fooded out by spending $60 at Walmart on garbage food and a new game to play. We don't do it often, but when we're bad, we're horrible. Easter candy is very hard for me to stay away from. Who am I kidding - all candy is!

On his actual birthday, he and I went out for a steak dinner. The problem was that we filled up on rolls, appetizer and salads and were full before our entrees came. We each took a couple bites of dinner and packed them up. I had a great steak and mashed potato lunch the next day!

This Saturday, we went out to a Brazilian steakhouse with more family. It was the second time we'd been there and we LOVED it! We help ourselves to a salad bar and then servers come to our table all night with fresh cooked meat on swords and cut them off for us. My favs were the leg of lamb, rump roast and filet mingon. We gorged on more meat than I've had in the past month. It was delicious and a great way to celebrate.

This week was also the Middle School Musical Production of Grease! I went with friends to opening night on Thursday and I have to say that it was amazing. I started working at my school when I was in undergrad when the graduating 8th graders were in 1st grade. They've grown up so fast!! I used to babysit for the shy, reserved girl that played Rizzo and man, she fit the part perfectly!! I was so proud of them all!!

So, there's a bunch of excuses for my one run this week, but I don't even feel bad about it. I missed running and had a great run this morning, so now I'm ready to get back in the swing of things for my next half marathon in 5 weeks!!


  1. how awesome your legs are already feeling better."they" say that you should take one day off for every mile you run, so sounds like your doing fab.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Great job on the half marathon and new PR!!