Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Half Marathon

After a great 10 miler that turned into a 12 miler this morning, I think I've decided to run a half marathon next weekend.  Running Fit's Martian Invasion of Races to be specific.  It's in Dearborn and really well run.  It was my first 10K two years ago and I really enjoyed it.  They have a 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon, all in the martian theme. 

I had originally decided not to run it, and to rein it in for the next two weekends in prep for my half on April 28th in Mt. Clemens, but in reality, I run 10-12 miles every Saturday, why not just jump into a race one weekend?  Especially when I have a bunch of friends from my running group doing it, too! 

Plus, I nailed it at the Rock CF Half two weeks ago, taking 11+ minutes off my half time, so I'm in no rush to get a new PR.  Not that it isn't possible, as these two routes are relatively flat, but I'm not dying for it.  

Additionally, our group run is canceled for this coming Saturday since so many of our runners will be racing the Martian, so I may as well jump in on the fun.  So, yeah, that's the new plan.  Just have to register now. 

It's funny how two  years ago, I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete a 10K and now I'm registering for a half marathon six days before I'll run it.  I LOVE what running has done for me :)

Anyone else running Martian next weekend?


  1. You know I'll be there. First time there. Still undecided on a full or half. That's how crazy running is for me that I'm considering running a full a week before the start?

  2. Aww you missed the 501 discount registration deadline! See you there!

  3. You will do a great job!! Best of luck and go get that PR!!

  4. I wish there were more half marathons around here! I would run it too if I were you! A martian themed half marathon sounds like fun!

  5. Let's see, do laundry or run a Half Mary????? Woman you're an animal.......