Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready to go!

 I can't believe how many ladies paint their skin when their toe nail comes off!  I know lots of runners lose toe nails, but I never thought of that!  Thanks for the support everyone, it was really helpful and comforting to know I'm not a weirdo! 

As for tomorrow, I'm ready.  I have everything packed up and ready to race this half tomorrow.  I'm heading straight to my parents' house after work today and should be ready to rock and roll.  My bib is waiting there.  I love everyone's advice and am going to run the first 5ish miles conservatively and then crank it up if I'm feeling good - which I will be!  It's going to be 35-40 degrees at the start and I'm still wearing shorts, so I'll just have to run fast to keep warm :)

I've been feeling so good with my training and recent races there is no reason why I can't go out and rock it out!  I'd like to match my Martian 2:12 or beat it.  I'm not too crazy to think I'd like to go sub-2 this half, mostly since I haven't trained AT ALL for that, but I think I could still finish strong and fee great about it!

So, I'll let you know what happens :)  Thanks for your support this far!


  1. Good luck and have a great race! And there's always a chance that you'll go sub 2!

  2. I didn't see your previous post about the toenails but when I lost one I painted my skin too.

    Good luck at your race! I think you can totally do a sub 2 some time this year. Your times are coming down fast!

  3. Good luck Rose! Rock it out :)