Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cross Training WEEK

I don't normally cross train at all.  I know, I know, I should... I just don't.  I like to take my non-running days to go to bed early.  Or sit on the couch and watch garbage tv while my husband is at work (I'm addicted to Dance Moms and can hardly believe I'm admitting it!)

This week, however, is completely different.  I run an after school program and we're on Spring Break this week.  Instead of a week off, I offer full-day child care for ~25 school age kiddos each day.  Ten hours of non-stop activity each day!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE these days, it's just that I'm exhausted when I get home :)

Monday left me SOOO SORE!  We took the kids to an inflatable bouncy place.  If you've never been, picture the 'moon walk' from when we were kids on massive steroids.  It's essentially a warehouse with a while bunch of inflatable toys to run around on.  Regular bouncers, huge slides and even double obstacle courses to race your friends!

While it was SOOOO MUCH FUN, I was exhausted the entire rest of the day, came home, went to bed 15 minutes later, and slept 12 hours.  I woke up and had the sorest triceps ever.  (Is 'sorest' a word?)  We're talking more sore than Tony Horton has ever made them.  I have no idea how I used my triceps in such a crazy way, but judging by my soreness two days later, I sure did.

Yesterday and today have included fun games in the gym which inevitably turns into adults vs kids each time.  No sitting in the back, playing nicely with the little ones.  We're talking 5 on 25, basically running around the place.  If it were an actual running workout, it would have been 2 hours of fartlets.  Yikes.  My quads are already sore.

We also got out the huge TV and Dance Dance Revolution.  Prior to Tuesday, I had never DDR'd before and now, I'm on fire!  I love it!  The kids have taught me the tricks and we've been playing a LOT.  I NEVER let them watch TV or play video games, but DDR is exercise and FUN!  It even counts up the calories burned... now I want one for my house :)

The many sweat sessions at school/work have left me not so gorgeous and a little stinky, but feeling so GOOD about myself and the example I'm setting for the kids.  Someday, if I'm lucky enough to be a parent, I want to be an active parent who is out there playing with their kids instead of telling them what to do.

Good news is that we only have one more day.  I'm off to bed if I can make it upstairs..... sooooo tiiiiiiired :)

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  1. Amazing how things like that can be so difficult. So if I want to get in a good workout I should just go to the local bouncy house this weekend by myself? that would look creepy at all :) Enjoy your last day.