Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Giggles and Chatter

A lot of runners from our group raced this weekend in the Martian or Big House Big Heart.   Our coach put a huge recap together including everyone's times and PRs and fun details to email out to everyone.  Here's the excerpt of me and my besties.  It's hilarious and I'm starting to see how everyone sees us :)

From Coach Gina: 

You probably notice these girls every Tue and Sat with their giggles and chatter, but they are not to be reckoned with as they blast through their races knocking off PRs right and left. Amanda came in with a 3:59 PR to finish in 2:07:31, Rose ran a half a couple weeks ago just to see what she could do and came back from the CF Rocks Half marathon with a 11:17 min PR but did not stop there-she went to Martian and knocked off another 10:22 PR to finish in 2:12:14! Rose is wondering what she can do if she "gets serious" - look out Sonia, you might have another student soon! And Liz who runs with these "silly" girls did not want to be out-shined, so she brought home a 5:20 PR with a 2:27:43 finish.

I think our group sees us as entertainment and comic relief :)  Last night at our group run, one of the faster runners told me that before she even saw our names, she knew just who Coach was talking about with that first sentence!  Maybe more people need to have more fun running :)


  1. Rose your PRs are insane! Congrats! Sounds like you and your friends proved you can have a lot of fun and rock a race! WTG!