Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Race it or Run for Fun?

I'm running another Half Marathon this weekend - the Let's Move Festival of Races in Mt. Clemens, MI.  It's in my hometown, just a quarter mile from my parents' front door.  I love not having to get up super early for a race!

I did this race last year and it was okay - not awesome, but just fine.  I really like it since I have been able to talk family into the 5K and to come out and cheer me in :)

But I can't decide if I want to race it or not...  Last year when I ran this race, I wanted to kill my previous time and I ended up about a minute slower, so I was mad when I crossed the finish line.  Add that to a bunch of family members there for the first time and it wasn't so fun.

Since I've taken 21 mins of my half time in the past few weeks, I'm at a point where I don't think I can do any better at the moment, so should I just go conservatively?  And in that case, am I just being lazy and fearing a DNF?  Maybe.  But I don't want a repeat of last year. 

The good news is that I have a friend running it and we will most likely rock it out together.  That, coupled with extra sleep, a short walk to the start line from home, and family at the end should make this a super fun weekend. 

Or.............. do I go for a PR?  Maybe I'll just wait to see how I feel on race morning... that's what I did for Martian and it worked well for me!


In other news, kinda gross running related news, I lost another toe nail.  Yeah, Detroit Marathon has now claimed two of them!  The first one was a small nail that came right off to reveal a beautiful, shiny new nail underneath.  No pain, no ugliness.

This one, however, is very much the opposite.  It's on my big toe.  It's been dying for awhile and getting progressively darker since Detroit, but finally saw its last day this week.  It didn't/doesn't hurt at all, which is great, but it is hidious.  And it's about to be summer sandal weather.  Yuck! 

So what do I do?  Rock it out proudly in sandals even though I'm sure it will gross people out?  Cover it with a bandaid all summer - but I HATE the sticky stuff/dirt/black lines that come along with a bandaid.  Or get those toe socks/finger condom things and just cover it up all summer? 

Maybe this is my next step?
What did/do you do when you lose a toenail?  There's no way I'm alone in this!  Maybe I'll be brave enough to post an actual pic later...


  1. I usually keep a dark polish on my toes (OPI Lincoln Park after Dark). It covers the dying nail unitl it falls off. Once it falls off, I polish the skin. :-)

  2. Toe condom, you can never be too safe! LOL............

  3. Run the first half for fun. If your time is good, race the second half.

  4. oh i've lost so many toenails. I just paint the skin when I pain the toenails. They grow back quicker than you think. I say see how you feel, but start off like you're just running for fun. I definitely agree with Jeff.

  5. What do I do when I lose a toenail? I go up to everyone and say, "hey! you wanna see something gross!?" lol...

    I know the feeling you have about wanting to PR but wanting to run for fun but not wanting to let yourself down etc etc. I figure if I'm physically capable of achieving a certain goal, I'm going to achieve it no matter if I "run for fun" or actually set the goal. I can't help but go all out. This mentality has always worked for me. I say go for having a good race, and if it's in the cards to PR, you'll do it!

    Also, did you get a new header or am I slow? Either way, I like it =)

  6. Never lost a toenail... Or had one go black. But I say go with the ever-trendy socks + sandals option :P