Saturday, April 28, 2012

It must be my PR shoes!

Yep, another PR this morning!

Let's Move Festival of Races Half Marathon in Mt. Clemens.  Mom, Dad, Mom in law, both sisters and my niece did the 5K :)

Garmin finish time 2:10:26, which is about a 2 min PR. 

Felt good.  Not as fun as Martian, but good race for sure!

Heading out to the batting cages with my sis and bro in law to practice for my new beer league now!!  Full recap when I get home :)

Thanks for all the love!


  1. Triple PR congratulations!! Is that a "turkey" like in bowling?? I found official results here: (You matched your Garmin EXACTLY. That never happens when I time myself!)

  2. I ran that race too and read your blog. I was hoping to spot you! It was my first half. Congrats on the PR.

  3. hoooray, congrats!!! You are on fire, girl!

  4. Seriously woman what are you eating - and can I have some?! LOL Congrats on another PR!! Look forward to reading all about it!