Monday, January 16, 2012

Bullet List

I've been very busy and incredibly crabby today, so here's the latest in bullets.

  • Saturday was an awesome virtual half marathon for nike.  It is an incredibly empowering feeling when I can wake up and run a half marathon like it's no big deal :)   Yes, we've been running ~20 miles a week, but not following any formal training plan.  I don't lay my outfit out the night before or freak out anymore, it's amazing!  The half went well with three loops to make the course, a small snow cover and 4 good friends :)  Coach even made us some medals.  It was just as awesome as the pancake breakfast we went out for afterward.
    • The five of us then decided to meet again on Sunday morning for 4 recovery miles.  It was way more fun getting those miles in with friends.  We met and ended at Starbucks which helped me use up 2 of my 5 gift cards that I wouldn't have touched anyway :)  Not that I don't appreciate the gifts from some families at school, I just don't drink coffee, so it takes me over a year to drink that much hot chocolate and eat lemon loaf :)

    • After an hour or laundry, work paperwork, dishes, and picking up the house, my husband woke up and we had one hell of a racquetball game.  Last week, he kicked my ass all 3 games.  This week, it was the exact opposite.  I was on top of the world and ran him all over the court!  I think it was the fact that I wore my new fun blue running shoes :)  (yes, I haven't worn them outside yet cause I don't want them to get dirty) 

    • I have still been eating less and it feels great!  I've been running more and have plans to keep it going, so I'm really happy on this front!
    • Finally, I have a huge project at work this week with a quickly looming deadline which means I've been spending a crazy amount of time on the computer stressing out like crazy.  How do I decompress late at night when I'm still staring at the screen?  By registering for races and ordering a running skirt online, duh! 

    • I got this for $40 last night, using a paypal balance I've had for a few months :)  I ran my first marathon in a running skirt and loved it and have been eyeing this one for awhile.  I was still happy with the purchase this morning and even more so when I realized it's back to $68 this morning. 
    • And I'll definitely be running this 10K in March:
    So there's the verbal diarrhea from my brain :)


    1. nice job on the virtual half! I love running skirts too and that one is so cute. I'll be doing shamrock n roll as well, we def should try to meet up!

    2. Damn, a half in January! You are da Woman!