Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fun Cross Training & New Gear!!

Having this week off has been so much fun!  My husband and I have been hanging out a lot which is awesome since he works nights and we typically don't get that much time together.  Two days ago we went ice skating which was a blast!  If forgot how much work it is; man, I was sweating!  I'm not that great of a skater but I can stay upright and not hit the little kids :)
Today we went to play racquetball once I got home from my 8 mile run with the group.  I had about an hour of down time between the activities, but wow, my legs feel it now!  I love playing racquetball, but I get frustrated since I used to play tennis in HS and I'm still adjusting to the shorter swing and subtle differences in the game.  And my husband beats me 99% of the time :(

When we got home from racquetball, I found these on my front porch:
LOVE THEM!  Yes, I splurged and got the $100 pair of shoes cause I liked the color.  I can justify the purchase since a) I never splurge on things for myself, b) I LOVE the shoes and will DEFINITELY wear them, and c) I got a pretty nice bonus from work this year, so I really didn't spend any of 'my money'.  The only problem is that I don't want to wear them outside yet; I don't want them to get dirty :)
I also picked up this beauty for less than $20 today - gotta love TJ Maxx.  I swear more than half of my wardrobe comes from that place or Marshall's.  I really needed another long sleeve top layer for winter and this one seems perfect :)  Can't wait to get out to try the new gear this week :)
Now all I have to do tonight is watch the 


  1. Sorry your night did not turn out the way you wished! Lol

  2. All of my workout clothes come from TJ Maxx or Marshalls, too! Hey, poor girls gotta do what they gotta do! Though I'm still perusing the RR website to figure out what to use my gift card from you for. Suggestions? =)

    To answer your question about being in the car for 2 hours- it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. But I think if I had to drive any longer it wouldn't have been pretty!!

  3. I love Saucony shoes! I've got a few things from Marshalls/TJ Maxx as well. Great prices.

  4. So glad you got the pretty blue shoes and not the boring ones! Yay!

    Sorry about the Lions... sort of, I was rooting for Brees, I think he is cute :)