Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crappy first run of 2012

I'm not too broken up about my first run of 2012 being a disaster, but it sure was brutal!  After having my sister's kids for five days, I was ready to get out the door yesterday morning and log some miles.  I had visions of double-digit miles as I hit the road.

I quickly found that not to be in the cards as my right calf was so TIGHT.  We had done Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD for the past three days and the jumping jacks and jump roping pushed my calf to extreme tightness, just shy of a charley horse.  I thought after wearing compression socks for 24 hours, an easy long run would loosen it right up. 

I couldn't have been more wrong!  It was pretty tight the first mile and then the pain faded into the background while my stomach revolted against me - all of this before the 2 mile marker!  I told myself I could do 7 miles and still be happy with it, but my body had other plans. 

I turned around just after the 2 miler marker and then took a shorter way home.  At this point, I was miserable - overdressed, hot, tight calf, upset stomach...  it was brutal.  I had to take walk breaks to calm my stomach down.  Then I'd start running again to get home faster and feel horrible again. 

I made it home for 3.8 miles just in time and felt like garbage the rest of the day.  So much for starting 2012 off with a great long run!  Oh well, I don't think it's doomed me forever.  The good news with running is that I can just try again today :)  I'm not upset about it; in fact I have learned to appreciate these crappy runs since I have them so rarely - they really let me know how lucky I am to have as many good runs as I do.

I'll  be resting my still tight calf today - possibly playing racquetball later this afternoon - and head back out for a run tomorrow morning :)  Can't wait to redeem myself!


  1. Ah that sounds like my run a few days ago! I gave my angry caves a break and did the bike for a night, then a rest day afterwards. Hitting the trail tonight after work and hoping I'm good to go!

  2. Whew, glad this wasn't the Olympic Trials! Yes, we always have tomorrow......