Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Running Skirt!!

Yes, it is Jan 31st and I live in MICHIGAN, but I got the chance to run outside in my new running skirt and a tank top!!  Can you even believe it??

Our running group met at a different location to knock out some killer hill repeats.  The loop was a really steep multi-level hill (up, turn left, up, turn right, up, up, up) then a low-key recovery run down a gradual slope and do it all again.  The hill was KILLER.  The steepest one I've ever done repeats on.  The entire loop was less than a half mile, so we did about 8 of them. 

The part that was so awesome was the weather.  It was 55 today at lunchtime and 52 at 6pm when our run started.  I was in my brand new skirt with a tank and long sleeve and after the first hill, I was way too hot!  Lost a layer and ran in a skirt and tank in January! 

This is the best I could get of a pic of the new skirt :)  hahaha, I'm clearly not a photographer
Say hi to Dexter's butt

This is insane but I LOVED it!  I can't wait to get some more miles in on Thursday, meet Rebecca on Friday, and rock out 8-10 miles on Saturday with the group. 

Oh yeah, and kill it at the Super 5K Sunday morning :)  Sounds like a fun week!!
 And I finally registered for this half marathon in April:
It's in my hometown and I'm looking forward to a half marathon PR this year :)

ps. is the white font difficult to read?


  1. I really only read blogs on my phone & white is probably the easiest color to read against the blue background so I love it! And I love the new skirt!

  2. I think every runner in the mitten state ran yesterday!

  3. It was beautiful out! Cute skirt!