Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Shoe Dilemma

I purchased Saucony's ProGrid Ride 4 last month and LOVE THEM.  I have this crazy desire to have multiple pairs of them to rotate through and maybe even keep one as an 'inside' pair for inside dvd workouts and the occasion treadmill run.  However, they're $100 since they're a new model. 

I've always run through a pair of shoes and then ~6/7 months later frantically searched for a new pair.  Granted, I'm lucky that I haven't had any issues with pain, but still I don't like that crazy period when I'm at the disadvantage price-wise since I need them right away.  

So, since I love these Ride 4s, I was trying to find some more online.  I have a rather large balance on Paypal from selling some useless junk before Christmas, that frankly I'm surprised I still have :)  So, that's great news.

Here are the new shoes I have, plain with a tiny bit of pink:
And here I've found them online in blue:
These are on sale for $77 with free shipping AND accept Paypal.

BUT then I found these beauties:
These are full retail $100 and DON'T accept Paypal, BUT are so awesome in this all-over color!!

My logical brain says go for the lame blue ones (still better than my current white/black/pink ones) since they're a new model, on almost 25% sale, and I won't even feel the financial hit since it's coming from Paypal.

BUT my super fun brain is sick of the boring white running shoes and wants something FUN!  Yes, I can move the money from Paypal to my bank acct and use that to pay off the CC I'll have to charge the fun shoes on = annoying.  BUT, is it worth it?

I've been thinking about it for almost 2 hours now, which is insane.  My husband could care less about it, so he's no help and in reality, I could live without either one for awhile since I only have <100 miles on my new shoes.  

However, I really think I can be more of a 'real runner' if I have a rotation of shoes :)  See how crazy I am??!!!  I really should be thankful that this is my only dilemma in life currently :)

Any advice to sway me either way would be incredibly helpful!


  1. You are too funny! I would probably go with the logical part of your brain, but keep searching for a good deal on the others so maybe you can get them cheaper soon. I don't like Nathan to ever pay full price for shoes, though. I think he looks for shoe deals almost daily!

  2. I would HAVE to go with the pretty all blue ones. They would make me happy just looking at them. I say go for it :)

  3. The pretty blue ones are more than $20 more than the ones on sale... that could be a race entry right there! I say go with the cheaper ones. I'm sure the ones on RW will eventually go one sale in the future.

  4. Get the cool looking ones!