Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hair is about to be pulled out...

Yes, that's how stressed I currently am.  January is the busiest month for me at work - and I mean paperwork, spending an insane amount of time on the computer, data entry, design & layout, lots of details.  That is, outside of my normal 10a-6p job.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job and what I do, but every year I have this time crunch and I'm just about to pull my hair out.

I took a break to run 8.5 miles with my group this morning.  Yes, I'm totally counting that .5 cause I worked SO HARD for it.  It finally snowed in MI this weekend and we sloshed through the snow/slush all morning.  It was totally worth it though - just what I needed before getting back to the computer.

In 10 days the stress will be over, as all my data goes 'live' Feb 1st, so it must be done by then, but in the meantime, I'll be a bit MIA.  I am keeping my run-dates cause I certainly need them to decompress, but that's about it for fun-time. 

Today, one of my 'work-breaks' was cleaning the bathroom.  I HATE cleaning the bathroom.  More than anything in the world.  I'll scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees before I touch the shower.  I've even hired a cleaning lady before just for the bathrooms.  Insane, I know.  (It didn't last long - we couldn't afford it, but that is totally something I want when I hit the lottery!)

So, here I go for my last break of the evening - to eat dinner... hmm should I have eggs over-easy or waffles?  I love breakfast for dinner when my hubby isn't home. 

I'll be back to my normal blogging and reading come Feb 1st, but until then I'll be gouging my eyes out and getting this thing PERFECT!!  and I'm meeting a new running partner tomorrow afternoon... so I hope it goes well :)


  1. Hang in there! Hopefully Feb 1 gets here quickly!

  2. Keep running and You will make it through! Only seven days left. :)