Friday, January 13, 2012

Half Marathon Weekend

One week back at school after two weeks off and I'm exhausted!  I went to bed before 8pm just about every night this week.

The good news is that I'm sticking to my "Run More, Eat Less" and it's not that difficult.  I'm setting up run dates with friends and not eating everything in sight and it's been going really well.  I feel better and have even lost a few pounds this week :)

Tomorrow our running group is participating in Nike's Virtual Half Marathon and it should be a lot of fun.  I can't believe I'm not worried running a half in the morning and didn't follow a training plan.  A year ago I had run/walked my first half marathon and still wasn't confident with the distance and now I've run two 13.1 fun runs since my first marathon in October.

If you're interested in participating, you can do it anywhere, just check out the website: Nike +

Then we should get together for a Sunday recovery run.  I LOVE THE WEEKEND :)


  1. Funny how your perspectives change. I used to not sleep well before double-digit runs and now, I don't really fret unless it's 18 or more... 15 can be daunting sometimes too but most distances don't scare me anymore. Glad you are able to kick some half marathon butt on a whim!

  2. hope it went well today!!!

    whatcha doing Monday? I had to post-pone a run because of a sore calf, need to get in 7 miles Monday!