Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lots of Stress & Lots of Running

So my huge work project is five days away from the deadline and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  In reality, the hard stuff is done and now it's just tweaking, cleaning up, and anal-perfectionism, that's all :)

That, in combination with regular work stuff and some upcoming family events, has me pretty stressed.  The good news is that I've been keeping up with all my running.  I'm fairly certain that is what is keeping me sane this week. 

Last Saturday we ran 8.5 snowy miles.

Sunday we ran 3.5 recovery miles in the morning...

then I played racquetball with my husband an hour later...

Thirty minutes after that, I met a new friend (of a friend) for another 3.5 miles. 

The new friend has run off and on and wants to get together with a group to keep her on a schedule.  I was so excited; I couldn't turn her down for a first-meeting, blind-date run.  Who cares if I already had my miles in for the day AND kicked my husband's butt in racquetball (actually, he kicked mine 2/3 games...)

Anyway, she was AWESOME and I can't wait for her to meet the gang. 

Tuesday night was a speed-workout at the track with Amanda and after getting home and plugging in the garmin, I realized we maxed out at an 8:15 pace!  That is AWESOME for us!!!  It felt really good.  Plus after sitting in front of a computer every day starting at 7am and staying up way too late working, I really needed a balls-to-the-wall workout.

This morning was 5 miles with Rebecca.  I felt like I was struggling like crazy and she was just floating, but her smooth stride and confidence really pushed me to keep going.  I was just glad she was taking over the conversation as I was a huffin' and puffin'!! 

So there's 17 miles for the week already, even without my long run on Saturday! 

I am just so glad I've kept my running a priority as I can really tell how much my body AND BRAIN needed it!!

Ok, back to the grind... 


  1. You really do inspire me! And I'm going to be emailing you soon because I need to know what you like/dislike about some of your running gear. If I'm going to be a runner, I'm going to have to start dressing the part!

  2. hahaha...are you hitting on to me?! ;)