Sunday, January 29, 2012


I don't typically post on much other than running, but here goes...

I spent my Sunday morning at Sam's Club picking up a month's supply of snack for my after school program.  Now, I've been doing this once a month for almost 5 years, but NEVER on a Sunday - now I know why!!

It was busy, and by busy I mean barely any room to move my cart - yes, I did get the huge flat cart, but still.  I went in with a good attitude, lots of patience and just after running 4 miles.  So, I was a little sweaty and in spandex pants :) 
It took me 15 mins to cruise the store and load the cart, 15 mins for the cashier to check me out (as in ring up my items, definitely NOT me) and transfer the stuff to another flat bed cart and then finally the worst 15 mins of all: loading the car. 

Actually, the worst part of each month is simply getting the cart to the car.  There's so many potholes and bumps in the parking lot that could mess up the entire thing and knock it all over.  Me, I'm a packer and a damn good one - I got that from my dad - so everything fits on the cart perfectly when I load it up. 

The cashier, not so much.  Shit was wobbly everywhere.  I just about made it to the car when this happened:
Oh well, at least it was in front of the car and not in the middle of the parking lot.  Could be worse.  I already had bundle-ups from the run, so I just got to work packing it all in.  Doing this every month has made me realize just exactly how to fit everything in perfectly (either that or my OCDness).  I've never had to come back for a second trip. 

In the 15 mins it took me to load the car - in the snow, picking up almost half my order from the ground - NOT ONE person even acknowledged what had happened or offered to help.  Granted, I wouldn't have accepted their offer, but still.  It would have been comforting to know another kind person exists. 
It all fit in!
While this sounds bitter, I swear I'm not mad about it (I certainly could have been, but I went in with a really good attitude today), I'm just thoroughly surprised that not one soul made eye contact with me, offered to pick something up, or even said some smart remark about how much that has to suck.  And believe me, being a Sunday afternoon at Sam's, a million people passed me. 

I swear I would have helped someone if I found them in the same predicament I was in this morning.  I'm not just saying that so you'll like me, I swear it's the truth. 

So, from one nice person to another, let's all be aware of what is going on around us and be KIND to a stranger or a person in need.  You have no idea how far it will go :)


  1. Mean people suck, I'm glad you can hold your head high! I would have helped you!!!

  2. Time to move back to the south! People say we're nicer down here (not sure it's true!) Nathan did offer to help a lady in the sam's parking lot not too long ago though.

  3. i totally would have offered, if we were in the same aisle.

  4. People can be lame :( I would have helped Rose! Also, nice job with the car packing skills !

  5. I am highly impressed with the way you pack your car!! That is an art unto itself. We definitely need more people to give helping hands where needed. Just by blogging about it, you have given people pause to think about it the next time they see someone in need.